Layong Jingga Probo was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in 1994.

Her hyperrealism painting is inspired from the form of fruits and still life style. She began to pursue painting at a young age of eighteen when studied at The High School of Fine Arts (SMSR) in Kasihan Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She also entertained herself by participating in many joint exhibition activities at school as an exploration of the existence of young painters. Some of her paintings were awarded and saved for school collections.

The distinctive features of her works are very decorated as still life paintings. Her obsession in detail and learning techniques, she developed through self-taught with her father, who is also a hyperrealism painter. From there, she dedicated herself to the modern hyperrealism painters of the present era.

Layong started drawing by thinking about the ideas of the still life objects and what composition would be made. She took many photographs at various points of view at once. Then, she decided to arrange and improve the object before getting the choice of the composition of the perspective that was most desired by her, by making some designs on Photoshop. Thus, the design is ready to be painted. She put the outline by pencil on the canvas. After sketching into the canvas according to the design of the photo, she made it to get accurate accuracy. After that, she gave color with oil paint layer by layer.